We are happy to announce that FFRS is being acquired by Active911!

Active911 are known as leaders in the industry and are at the cutting edge of innovation to continue to serve the needs of firefighters and first responders around the world.

From Active911.com:
"We are built around the core pillar of "We are the technical wizards that support real life action heroes."


What happens to our renewal date?

For those that wish to move to the Active911 apps and platform, your subscription date is going to be honored. For example, if your subscription doesn't expire until 13 October 2021 and you wish to move to the Active911 platforms, you will be able to use the new platform with no additional cost through your subscription date you have with FFRS.

Will the FFRSred apps still work?

Yes, the FFRS apps will still work throughout 2021 while agencies transition to the Active911 platforms.

Does Active911 have the same features?

The short answer is yes! Active911 is known for their incredibly fast alerting software and their advanced mapping features. The Active911 team is constantly developing new features and products to best fit the needs of first responders.

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