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No two agencies are exactly alike. FFRS is designed with this in mind, and is able to be customized to fit the specific needs of your agency.


Know Who is Responding

Responders at the station or scene instantly know who else is responding to the incident. Command personnel in the field can request additional resources within moments of being alerted.


Know Who is Available

Keep track of on-duty personnel and know members' availability even before a incident.


Send Mass Notifications

Forward dispatch messages and send notifications via our free smartphone apps, SMS text messages, emails, pagers and phone calls.

Much More

More Additional Features

Scheduling, reporting, thresholds, mobile apps, responder notification, vehicle status, FFRS SkySync RFID.

Is FFRS right
for your agency?

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FFRS is designed for fire departments, ambulance agencies, RIT & Hazmat teams, rescue squads, search and rescue agencies, hospitals, emergency management agencies, manufacturing facilities and any other agencies that rely upon volunteers or paid response and/or “call-back” personnel.


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   Adaptable to Any Agency

Firefighters, EMT's, Search and Rescue Teams, Hospitals, Emergency Management Agencies, Manufacturing Facilities and More!

   Custom Setup

We work with you to create a custom fit to meet the needs of your agency.

   Regional Implementation

See response and availability across your region, not just one agency.

Customer Testimonials

See what leaders in the field are saying about FFRS

Dean Klinger, Fire Chief

“FFRS is such a simple system to use, and to the best of my knowledge a one of a kind system. Our firefighters could not believe how simple this system is and how much information you get out of it. One of the thing I like about it the most is the fact that it is web based and I don’t have to try to keep up with updates to the system, I can log in from anywhere and see exactly who is responding and how many personnel I have available for the next incident, I can even do this from my phone. I think the system is a must for Volunteer departments and it even has functions that are invaluable for full time career departments.”

Rich Higgins, Deputy Fire Chief

Thank you for the email and for the speedy service. Receiving feedback about my concern and addressing the problem as quickly as FFRS did, demonstrates the FFRS team's dedication to exceptional customer service. Way to go!

Michael Tait, Captain

FFRS has completely revolutionized the ability of the leadership team to communicate with the brigade. Our organizing of crew shifts, general and emergency messaging is much easier. Gone are the days of trying to use my mobile phone to organise crews - one message on FFRS and my orders are out and clear. A good system, and now I know what it is like to be efficient. I cannot go back to pagers and contact number lists!

Gary Wilton, Fire Chief

“We are very satisfied with FFRS. The program is successful within our volunteer department and knowing who is on their way proves to be advantageous for a prompt response. The software is easy to navigate and customer service is exceptional.”

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